Africa Games Competition and Training venues in Ghana 1

By Emmanuel Sekago

In a momentous announcement, Ghana has unveiled the competition and training venues for the highly anticipated 13th African Games, demonstrating the nation’s commitment to hosting a world-class sporting event.

The unveiling of these venues marked a significant milestone in the preparations for the games, showcasing Ghana’s dedication to providing top-tier facilities for both the competition and the training of athletes.

Competition Venues:
Accra Sports Stadium: Situated in the capital city, the Accra Sports Stadium will serve as a primary venue for various events, including athletics, football, and the grand opening and closing ceremonies. With its historical significance and modern amenities, the stadium is poised to provide a vibrant atmosphere for thrilling competitions.

Legon Stadium: This key venue will take center stage for football matches, capturing the intensity and skill of African football teams. The stadium’s facilities and seating capacity make it an ideal setting for high-stakes football competitions, contributing to the excitement of the games.

Theodosia Okoh Hockey Pitch: Devoted to hockey events, this specialized venue promises to be a focal point for dynamic and fast-paced matches. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, it is designed to meet international standards for hockey competitions, ensuring a thrilling spectacle for fans.

El-Wak Stadium: This versatile stadium will host events such as rugby, providing a dynamic space for athletes to compete at the highest level. Its adaptability makes it an excellent choice for various disciplines, contributing to the diversity of the games.
Training Venues:

University of Ghana Sports Complex: Athletes preparing for their events will benefit from the world-class facilities at the University of Ghana Sports Complex. This dedicated training venue will cater to the diverse needs of athletes, ensuring they are in peak condition for their competitions.

Mini-Dome GCB and Sarbah Hall Dining: Designed for specialized training, this complex will support athletes in disciplines like weightlifting and wrestling. The halls offer a focused environment for athletes to refine their skills and techniques.

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