Apologize to the people of Acholi or you forget burying Oulanyah – MP Lilian Aber

Kitgum District Woman MP Dr. Lilian Aber has said members of National Unity Platform led by Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine will not be welcomed to Acholi land to attend the burial of the fallen speaker Jacob Oulanyah unless they apologise to them.
When Oulanyah was flown to Seattle for treatment, some Ugandans in the US, presumably from NUP, protested against the decision.
According to Aber, the party should apologize for the unethical behaviour by its members who demonstrated outside the hospital in Seattle US where the fallen speaker had gone to receive treatment.
“We demand an apology from NUP for the demonstrations in Seattle. I can tell you that the people from the north are very annoyed. NUP associates itself with the red color and red berets. They should take responsibility for these demonstrations,” Aber said during the Big Talk on Next Radio over the weekend.
“Everyone is welcome for the burial of our brother. However, it would be good if NUP leadership first apologise for tormenting him at his hospital bed and hour of need before crossing Karuma for Omoro, where burial will take place.”
Aber’s comments are likely to be lumped together with assertions made by Chief Justice Owinyi Dollo who has come under fire for referring to people of Buganda as  “wicked lumpens” and for labelling the Kabaka as an “ethnic leader,” during a vigil at Oulanyah’s place.

The leader of the National Unity Platform, Robert Kyagulanyi said the allegations about the National Unity Platform’s involvement in the demonstration are not true.

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