Bishop Mwesigwa cautions heads of schools over poor management and carelessness 

Amos Kakungulu


The Bishop of Ankore Diocese, Rt. Rev. Dr. Sheldon Mwesigwa has cautioned the heads Schools which are under Church foundation of Ankore Diocese to stop carelessness and poor management of their schools and emphasize on promoting academic performance in their schools.

While addressing the heads of Schools from all primary Schools under Ankore Diocese, Bishop Mwesigwa said that some schools in this diocese and the entire country are not academically performing well due to poor management from the heads of those schools. 

He said that some people hold the top leadership posts in schools but they do not have the spirit and passion of serving the institution that they lead.

He added that most of the leaders or heads of some schools are not bothered on whatever state which the school is living in.  Mwesigwa explained that there are some problems which are faced in schools that do not require the intervention of Government but rather require to be sorted by the heads of that particular schools. That some of the heads of schools who are not good managers they start crying towards the small problems  to government  for the help when actually they can be able to settle them internally.

“Its true some schools do not have enough equipments but as heads of schools, you have to use your managerial skills to ensure that you can improvise and think deeper for the better performance of the the students/ pupils.

Some Heads of Schools are not always in the schools. I appeal to the heads of Schools to give enough  time to your students or pupils, always be available in your schools and do thorough supervision on how pupils or students learn, how they study and how they live.  I recently visited a certain school somewhere in my diocese and they reported to me that the headmaster of that school report to school once in two  weeks and apparently that school is the poorest performing school in this Diocese” said Bishop Mwesigwa.

“I call upon all the stakeholders to be concerned about your schools, Inspectors of schools do your role, Parents also do your role for the benefit of your Children, heads of Churches go and supervise what is happening in those schools because almost each of these schools fall in your docket. I must tell you that if you don’t supervise the schools, nothing will come out of them.  There is a saying that if you don’t inspect don’t expect, so always inspect our schools and engage with the heads of these schools.”  Bishop Mwesigwa explains.

He also urged parents to also support Government on UPE Program. That the UPE funds may not be enough to run the school, but if parents want good performance from their children they have to be committed to put some additional little money to boost some services carried within that particular schools so that children can study in an improved environment that will enable them perform better.

Bishop Mwesigwa said these words while releasing the Ankore Diocese  pre-mock exams results. The results were handed over to the heads of schools this Friday at St. James Cathedral Church Ruharo.

The release of the results ceremony was honored by Peace Sabit, Principal Education Officer Ministry of Education in the department of Guidance and Counselling who was the Chief Guest. 

Rev. Can. Agasha Muhwezi, the Ankore Diocesan Education Secretary said that  they have released pre-mock results for all the diocesan primary schools. These were mainly for 196 primary schools with PLE Centers and 43 private Schools.

He said that the performance was a bit promising because only 400 students are the ones who failed these exams. He further said they always prepare these exams to encourage headteachers and their staff to have their celibacy covered, and those who will not have finished their celibacy will go and finish it and by the time they come for UNEB the performance will have improved. 

That this  will give them an opportunity to go and polish where there are still weaknesses so that they are able to produce good results in the forthcoming PLE Exams 2023.

Rev. Agasha appealed to the heads of the schools to work with all education stakeholders, teachers, the foundation body members and the community especially the political leaders so that they sensitize parents to contribute towards the education of their children.

The Chief Guest of Honor, Peace Sabit encouraged all the Headteachers to work as a team and supervise their schools to ensure there is conducive environment for their learners. 

She further asked other Dioceses to also support government in promoting education sector in this Country like how the Ankore Diocese has tried to portray energy to develop education in western Uganda. 

She also cautioned the heads of schools not to misuse UPE funds. That they must ensure that they implement UPE program so that pupils and parents can benefit from this government program as far as education is concerned.  

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