Bukedea Comprehensive, Amus College and Teso progressive learn their opponent

By Emmanuel Sekago

In the eagerly anticipated draw for the USSSA-Teso Zone qualifiers, Bukedea Comprehensive School found themselves pitted against formidable opponents, setting the stage for what promises to be an intense and closely contested battle on the football field.

With aspirations of advancing to the next stage of the tournament, Bukedea Comprehensive School’s players and coaching staff now face a daunting task as they prepare to navigate through a challenging group ‘D’ of opponents like, Kyere Township, Ngora Parents, Light Secondary school, Starlight and St Francis Acumet.

The draw has presented them with a tough road ahead, requiring them to bring their A-game and demonstrate resilience and determination in every match.

Among the teams standing in their way are renowned football powerhouses within the Teso region, each eager to secure their own passage to the next phase of the competition.

As the draw unfolds, anticipation builds, and strategies are formulated as Bukedea Comprehensive School braces themselves for the rigorous tests that lie ahead.

Despite the tough draw, there is an air of confidence surrounding Bukedea Comprehensive School as they gear up to showcase their talent and skill on the grand stage.

With diligent preparation and unwavering determination, they aim to defy the odds, overcome their adversaries, and emerge triumphant in the USSSA-Teso Zone qualifiers.

For the defending champions, Amus College School renowned for their prowess in various sporting disciplines, the draw pitted them in group ‘A’ held the promise of formidable opponents like Midland, Crane-High, Nyero Rock and Priscilla Girls who would test their mettle on the field.

With a legacy of excellence to uphold, they were prepared to face any challenge head-on and showcase their skills with determination and resilience.
Similarly, Teso Progressive, known for their commitment to athletic development and competitive spirit, eagerly awaited the revelation of their opponents.

Armed with ambition and a thirst for victory, they were ready to take on all comers and prove their worth in the upcoming contests.

As the draw unfolded, both schools learned of their opponents, setting the stage for thrilling encounters and intense battles on the field.

With matchups now set, preparations would commence in earnest as players and coaches alike geared up to face the challenges ahead.

Regardless of the opponents revealed in the draw, one thing remained certain: both Amus College School and Teso Progressive were determined to leave their mark on the competitions, striving for excellence and glory in every match they contested.

The stage was set for an exhilarating journey filled with passion, determination, and the pursuit of victory.
Teso Zone Qualifiers draws

GROUP A; Amus College School, Midland HS, Crane HS, Nyero Rock High and Priscila Girls

GROUP B; Teso College, Kolir Comprehensive, Kalaki SS, Mukura Memorial, Kyere SS and Labira Girls

GROUP C; Teso Progressive, Kobulubul SS, Katakwi HS, Wiggins SS, Adipala HS and Akoromit Ark peace

GROUP D; Bukedea Comp school, Kyere township, Ngora Parents, Light SS and Starlight SS

GROUP E; Alwa seed, Amus High, Kamod HS, Bishop Ilukor and Amuria HS

GROUP F; Ngora HS, Kagwara Seed, St Paul Ochero, Orungo HS and Asuret seed

GROUP A; Olila HS, St Martin, Kobwin seed and Serere SS

GROUP B; Amus College, Okapel HS, St Elizabeth Girls and Kalaki SS

GROUP C; Mukura Memorial, Onset SS, Nyero Rock and St John’s

GROUP D; Ngora HS, Kamod, Midland, Ojie Memorial and Otuboi compre

GROUP E; Starlight SS, Kamuda Parents, Labira Girls, Katakwi HS and Teso Integrated

GROUP F; Bukedea Compre Sch, Alwa seed, Ngora Girl’s, Kaberemaido SS and Ojetenyang Seed

GROUP G; St Karoli SS, Wiggins SS, Kadungulu SS and Obalanga comp

GROUP H; Asamuk SS, Kongunga HS, St Peter’s SS Acowa and Soroti SS

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