Bodaboda riders rallying behind Lauben Turyahebwa during voting time

Amos Tayebwa


Following a long process of misunderstanding between Mbarara City Council and Bodaboda riders that resulted in chaos over demand for the voting of their leaders, the City council has finally okayed the elections to take place. 

Bodaboda riders rallying behind Lauben Turyahebwa during voting time
Bodaboda riders rallying behind Lauben Turyahebwa during voting time

On Saturday, Bodaboda riders held elections through electoral colleges at the ward level where a committee of 9 members were voted from the two divisions that make up Mbarara City. 

Mbarara City has an estimated number of Bodaboda riders of about 40000. These have been at war with Mbarara City Council on factors that Council failed to organise elections for Bodaboda. It was alleged that there was connivance between some Council Officials and the former Bodaboda Leaders.

During the recent electoral colleges in some areas especially in Nyamiotanga, elections were mishandled, something that caused chaos among voters/riders. 

In Kakoba and Nyamityobora wards in Mbaraara City South Division, elections were held successfully. Sadius Owokunda, the former Mbarara City Bodaboda Chairman was voted in as the  Chairman for Nyamityobora ward and Lauben Turyahabwe was voted as the Chairman for Kakoba Ward. Among the other posts that were voted include Treasurer, Secretary, Health Secretary, Publicity Secretary, Education secretary, etc. 

Dickson Asiimwe Bakinduka, the Mbarara City South Commercial Officer said that it was a struggle to organise the elections for Bodaboda due to confusion between the bodaboda riders and their former leaders.

He said, they decided to form the electoral college system into bodaboda elections so that they can have structures in the electoral processes to avoid confusion.  

“We received a number of complaints from the Bodaboda riders against their Leaders who did not want these elections to be held when actually their term of office had already elapsed. This prompted us to intervene and ensure Bodaboda elections are held” said Asiimwe, the Commercial Officer.

On 24th April this week, there will be another election for bodaboda through the electoral college to vote for the leaders at the Division Level.  And this will determine for the final election to choose leaders at the City Level that will take place on 30th April 2024.

Lauben Turyahebwa, the Former Mbarara City South Division Chairman appealed to the City Council Leadership to stop imposing  things on Bodaboda riders that do favor their working conditions.  He said that some Council Officials try to connive with some of the Bodaboda Leaders and cause division among the bodaboda riders. 

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