Lukaya jerset winners nailed it with Muhangi and Henrix6 (in orange)

Residents of Masaka, Nyendo, Kayabwe, Lukaya and Buwama were treated to an exciting weekend after unexpectedly getting lots of gifts from ForteBet.

All the punters that were found at the branches never walked away alone! They received at least a gift, which included phones, wrist bands, pens, caps, T-shirts and team jerseys for their favorite European clubs. The gifts were given out inside the branches by ForteBet’s media manager, John Nanyumba and brand ambassador, Alex Muhangi.

“We have visited you before and ginen you gifts. We are back again to do the same and we shall keep coming back. We do this because we feel you are very special because you have made ForteBet the number one betting company in Uganda,” Muhangi said shortly before the gifts handover at Lukaya branch.

In addition, bodaboda riders in Masaka-Nyendo received reflector jackets to help them minimize night accidents.

John Nanyumba (R) and Muhangi rewarding Masaka gifts winner
John Nanyumba (C, in black) rewarded more Masaka jersey, phone and headsets winners
ForteBet painted Masaka-Nyendo bodaboda riders orange

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