some of the St Maliko High school players to watch at Nationals

By Emmanuel Sekago

In the wake of the disqualification of four schools for fielding non-bona fide students, St Adolf Tibeyalirwa, Masindi Army School, Masindi Secondary school and Panyadoli secondary school,  the USSSA-Bunyoro Zone committee faced a pivotal decision: how to maintain the integrity of the competition while ensuring that deserving teams still had the opportunity to compete at the National Boys Football Championship.

With careful consideration and a commitment to fairness, the committee deliberated on the best course of action.

Recognizing the importance of upholding the rules and regulations of the tournament, they understood the need to take decisive action to address the issue of ineligible players.

After thorough scrutiny and evaluation, the committee made the tough but necessary decision to disqualify the offending schools, ensuring that the integrity of the competition remained intact.

However, they also recognized the importance of not penalizing innocent players and teams who had followed the rules diligently.

In a show of resilience and determination, the committee reaffirmed their commitment to representing the USSSA-Bunyoro Zone at the National Boys Football Championship.

With three slots still available, they carefully selected Kabalega Secondary School and St. Maliko High School was the deserving representatives of the zone, while Kitara secondary school  and Buhimba secondary school, one  of who would take the third slot both withdrew losing  the slot.

These two schools had demonstrated not only their skill and prowess on the field but also their adherence to the rules and principles of fair play.

Their dedication to the sport and their commitment to upholding the values of integrity and sportsmanship made them the natural choice to carry the banner of the USSSA-Bunyoro Zone to Masaka.

As Kabalega Secondary School and St. Maliko prepared to embark on their journey to the national stage, they did so with a deep sense of pride and responsibility.

They understood the weight of expectation upon their shoulders and were determined to honor their zone with their performance on the field.

With the support of their communities and the confidence of the USSSA-Bunyoro Zone committee behind them, Kabalega Secondary School and St. Maliko are ready to showcase the best of Bunyoro football and make their mark at the National Boys Football Championship due in Masaka between April, 24th to May 5th 2024.

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