Minister Ogwang talks tough, districts to cough accountabilities

By Emmanuel Sekago

The state minister of sports has warned Government officials who have been misusing district sports funds that have been allocated. He stressed that their time has come to submit accountabilities without fail.

The state minister of sports also Ngariam county member of parliament Hon Peter Ogwang at the opening ceremony of the inaugural Uganda Secondary Schools Sports Association (USSSA)- Students and teachers administration and management training at Kibuli secondary school had no kind words for district leaders who have failed to account for the Ugx 40 million government sends meant for sports.

While giving his speech before the trainees at Kibuli, the outspoken state Minister revealed that the government has been financing districts with Ugx 40 million each only for Sports development, but none they show as the development at the district level asking the schools to be behind him when he is proposing the money to be channeled from districts to USSSA because it has showed what they are capable of doing towards sports development.

“Did you know that the ministry of education and sports, finance districts with Ugx 40M each every financial year? But on that money, they have failed even to prepare athletes for regional competitions, many no longer have playing grounds, you think with that amount of money received per year, they can’t grade at least one pitch for football? ” He asked. “I am working with the ministry and am going to ask every district including my own Katakwi for accountability of that money,” said Ogwang.

The Minister commended USSSA for beginning from the basics, and that’s what has been lacking, seeing students being trained in sports administration and management is the key, We must accept to professionalize our Sport and it begins with capacity building, People must understand why they are involved with the Sports sub-sector, I have been wondering, how an athlete who is 30 years old be an amateur player?

He cautioned all those training in various sports disciplines, like umpires, coaches and referees to take their job as a career, when you take it as a career, you can’t have substandard work.

On the issue of infrastructure, in this term of ours, we want to see how we work with the Parliament of Uganda to see how to put in more money to develop and put new infrastructure both at the district, regional and at City level.

“We have already come up with a template on what entails to put up a good infrastructure. I have a meeting next week with the Sports officers across the country to give them a position and a plan which we have,” said Minister Ogwang.

The USSSA president, Justus Mugisha who was full of Joy and happiness said they have organized the capacity building training for Teachers and students to get equipped with sports knowledge so that they do the right things during inter class and Schools competitions.

“We want to see students start their professional careers in Sports when they are still very young. That’s why we have them studying coaching, media, refereeing and umpiring,” said Mugisha.

It should be noted that the training started with administration and management course for the Executive committee members and regional chairs of USSSA at Front Page Hotel in Zzana in Wakiso district and now with the students and teachers training in football and Netball coaching, handball, volleyball, athletics, Netball umpiring, football refereeing and media and will climax on Friday, December 16th 2022.

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