No Threats of Land Grabbing in Rwampara – MP Tusiime Tells Locals
By Our Reporter
The Rwampara East area Member of Parliament, Julius Tusiime Karuhanga has assured electorates that there will be no any more threats of Land grabbing in Rwampara as government embarks on a program of  giving freehold land titles.
tusiime greeting players before the start of the football match
Tusiime has also confirmed that in Nyaruhandagazi Rwampara East, Rwampara District there are areas especially in block 9 that have land which is under the tendership of Uganda Land commission.
Government through the program called SLAC, is extending freehold land tittles in Nyaruhandagazi and Rwibogo. This means that people are going to get free land titles from government, however, people  will be asked to pay only 72,000= which is a statutory fee paid in URA and will get the titles.
This program was launched last month in Nyaruhandagazi, Rwibogo and Rwampara at large. Tusiime has  revealed that they are bringing the first 1,000 land titles together with the minister where there will be that function in Rwampara.
Mp Tusiime and residents at the play ground
“We have a concern of block 15 plot 10 which is also under the stewardship of Uganda lands commission. We are requesting government that the land also where the bonafide occupants are occupying, be extended free landhold titles. We are pushing this together with colleagues” said MP Tusiime.
“I want to assure my people that we are fortunate that we don’t have any land grabbing cases in Rwampara East specifically Nyaruhandagazi. What we have is a unique case, the land in Nyaruhandagazi was initially in mother title owned by the late Ntaama and other people whom I would call as absentee landlords but with the amendment of the 2005 land act which introduced the bonafide  occupants that a person who has stayed on a specific land for more than 12 or 15 years qualifies to take land as a bonafide occupant and we thank the president who introduced that legislation and within that he created a window which is the Uganda Land commission and Land Fund that would compensate those absentee landlords for people to acquire their own lands. So government is continuously going to give freehold land titles and is under that program that Nyaruhandagazi people under block 9,  Nyaruhandagazi five villages of block 15 plot 10 are also going to get land titles. There for, no one should get worried that there will be land grabbing  cases in Rwampara” he added.
Tusiime said these while he was awarding winners of Nyaruhandagazi Independence cup that was held at Nyaruhandagazi play ground in Rwampara East.
MP Tusiime awarded the winning team with 200,000=, and he also award the second team with 100,000=  and others as they followed. According to Tusiime he did this in a way to promote talents at the local level and to impress Youths to engage themselves in showcasing their talents in sports.
He also pledged for the support of other services like water extension, electricity transition and road maintenance within the constituency.

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