Seasoned Radio Presenter Alex Ndawula Dies at Nsambya Hospital

By Stephen Ocaido


Veteran Radio presenter Alex Ndahura passed on today evening at Nsambya Hospital where he has been bedridden for some time. Alex Ndawula was at the helm of Capital FM for over 20 years until he retired in 2017.

Alex Ndawula with comedian salvado and capital presenter lucky mbabazi

Alex Ndawula worked with Capital F.m frim 1995 to 2017 when he felt weak and decided to retire so as to take care of his life better.

Alex Ndawula at work during his prime time

While working at capital F.m, Alex Ndawula used to host people’s favorite and most famous program “Over Drive” and many k ew him for his unique and eloquent voice.

Alex Ndawula with friends

Many have taken to social media to mourne and eulogize him because he has been a friend to many especially those in the media circles.

Alex Ndawula

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