Six vendors without lockup ownership documents in Kabale central market ordered to make police statement

Kabale District Deputy RDC Bakaki Ronald together with a team from Local Government on Wednesday ordered six vendors in the produce section to make police statements after they were found without documents of ownership of lockups at the central market.

The six produce vendors who were ordered to make a police statement had no documents of ownership of the lockups.

Some of the Lockups that were found closed.

Among them are Orimwikyirize Esau Lockup No. A2-056, Kaguriri Vincent No. A1-025, Byansi Robert lockup No. A1-030, Kato John, and Bisamunyu Medard No A1-067 had no MoU (Memorandum of understanding) and is alleged to have been renting at Humura house by the time of demolition of the old market and Mbonigaba John chairperson of Abashubuzi Tukore group (7 members) who admitted to have grabbed the lock up No Al -095 without any documents.

During the verification exercise, a number of lockups were also seen locked with padlocks despite the radio announcements and among them are A1-O (62,63,64,67,68,69,71,72,82,85,92,96,97,98,) ,and Ax- 60G all in the produce section.

Speaking to journalists after the verification exercise, Bakaki said that the physical verification exercise is going to take two days to confirm whether the vendors are the rightful owners of the lockups.

He added that some produce vendors who confessed that they had just grabbed the lockups were sent to Kabale central police station to make statements.

One of the suspects found without documents for his lockup.

Bakaki noted that some of them were found without enough supporting documents while others lockups were found closed.

He further said that despite the Kabale central market officially given to the vendors, some lockups were found still locked.

He added that the guidelines gives the vendors a grace period of two month to occupy the lockups, and those whose lockups shall be found unoccupied after cross checking shall be handed over to Kabale Municipal authorities for fresh distribution.

Canon Jack Katarishangwa, one of the affected vendors and who was part the verification team said that the closed lockups are suspected to belong to some politicians and other civil servants.

He however demanded compensation of vendors  who will not retain their lockups

However a number of lockups owners had half of the documents missing ranging from occupational permits, MoU among others including A1-O (47,48,49,51,52, 57,58,91,100) and AX (10G, 12G, 18G,51G,57G, 63G,64G)

On Tuesday, January 31, 2023, the Minister of Local Government Raphael Magyezi formed a special committee chaired by the Resident District Commissioner and District Internal Security Officer to investigate corruption tendencies that allegedly marred the registration and relocation of vendors into the newly opened Kabale central market.

“The committee should also verify the list of all the traders that were allocated working spaces in that market. I need a report of their findings in a period of 10 days so that it can guide the central government on the next course of action,” Magyezi said.

He also tasked the committee to investigate whether the Kabale municipal council mayor Byamugisha Sentaro, the town clerk Justine Barekye and the ministry of local government officials were involved in the illegal allocation of lockup shops and stalls, and whether they solicited bribes from non-qualifying vendors.

He ordered the arrest of the Kabale central market master Ben Mfitumukiza who doubles as the principal town agent in Kabale municipality, and the commercial officer for Kabale municipality Fidelis Akankwasa for their alleged involvement in corruption tendencies during the registration and relocation of vendors.

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