St. Mary’s Kitende release Basketball prodigies Tendo Martha and Patricia Nalungo to Naalya Lugazi Campus Fee-Free

By Emmanuel Sekago

In a groundbreaking move, St. Mary’s Kitende has decided to release two basketball prodigies, Tendo Martha and Patricia Nalungo, catapulting them into the next phase of their sporting careers at Naalya Lugazi Campus.What makes this release even more remarkable is that it comes with an unprecedented gesture—zero fees for the aspiring athletes.Tendo Martha and Patricia Nalungo, both shining stars in the realm of basketball, have consistently demonstrated exceptional skills on the court, earning accolades and admiration from both peers and mentors.Recognizing their potential and acknowledging the importance of fostering athletic talent, St. Mary’s Kitende is taking a significant step by facilitating their transfer to Naalya Lugazi Campus.The decision to exempt both athletes from any associated fees underscores St. Mary’s Kitende’s commitment to not only nurturing talent within their own confines but also supporting the broader sports community.By enabling Tendo Martha and Patricia Nalungo to continue their athletic journey at Naalya Lugazi Campus without financial barriers, St. Mary’s Kitende is contributing to a culture of inclusivity and empowerment in the world of sports.The local sports community is buzzing with excitement and commendations for St. Mary’s Kitende, recognizing the institution’s progressive approach to talent development.Tendo Martha and Patricia Nalungo’s transfer symbolizes more than just a change of schools; it signifies a collaborative effort among educational institutions to prioritize and elevate the dreams of gifted athletes.St. Mary’s Kitende’s decision to release these basketball talents fee-free not only provides Martha and Patricia with an unparalleled opportunity to pursue their dreams but also sets a commendable precedent for other institutions.This gesture sends a powerful message about the transformative impact schools can have on the lives of budding athletes when they prioritize talent development and remove financial barriers.Meanwhile as Tendo Martha and Patricia Nalungo embark on their exciting journey at Naalya Lugazi Campus, the entire sporting fraternity eagerly awaits their continued ascent in the world of basketball.St. Mary’s Kitende’s commitment to supporting the dreams of its students exemplifies the broader mission of fostering a culture where talent is celebrated, nourished, and given the space to flourish unhindered.

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