The tale of Ojilong Jabeth, Ugandan only referee selected for CAF Africa Schools Championship

By Emmanuel Sekago

In a remarkable achievement for Ugandan sports, Ojilong Jabeth Elly, a student from Amus College School, has been selected as the sole Ugandan referee among the 21 referees chosen by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) for the final tournament of the Africa Schools Championship.

This prestigious tournament is set to take place in Zanzibar, marking a significant moment not only for Ojilong but also for Ugandan football officiating.

Ojilong’s selection as a referee for such a prestigious event is a testament to his talent, dedication, and hard work. His journey from a student at Amus College School to a CAF-appointed referee is an inspiration to young aspiring referees across Uganda. His achievement highlights the potential and talent that exists within Ugandan sports officiating.

As the only Ugandan representative among the selected referees, Ojilong carries the hopes and aspirations of his country. His appointment not only reflects positively on his personal capabilities but also shines a spotlight on the growing prominence of Ugandan football officiating on the continental stage.

For Amus College School, Ojilong’s achievement is a source of pride and inspiration. His success underscores the school’s commitment to nurturing talent and excellence not only in academics but also in sports officiating. Ojilong’s journey serves as a reminder of the importance of providing opportunities and support for students to pursue their passions and realize their dreams.

As Ojilong prepares to officiate in the final tournament of the Africa Schools Championship in Zanzibar, the entire Ugandan sports community rallies behind him, wishing him success and good fortune. His selection is a testament to his skill, professionalism, and dedication to the sport of football officiating.

We have no doubt that he will represent Uganda with honor, integrity, and distinction on the continental stage. Ojilong’s achievement is not only a milestone for him personally but also a symbol of the potential and talent that exists within Ugandan sports officiating.

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