St Julian High School Celebrating after winning the 2024 USSSA Boys Trophy

By Emmanuel Sekago

Age cheating in youth sports competitions, particularly in USSSA-UPSSA events, has become a significant concern. To address this issue effectively, it’s imperative for schools to take proactive measures. One vital step is the appointment of games teachers who possess not only a deep understanding of competition rules but also uphold strong moral values.

The responsibility lies heavily on the shoulders of school headteachers to make these appointments wisely.

Selecting games teachers solely based on availability or convenience might inadvertently contribute to the perpetuation of age cheating. Instead, schools should prioritize individuals who demonstrate integrity, honesty, and a commitment to fair play.

By appointing games teachers with a solid grasp of competition regulations, schools can ensure that they are equipped to detect and deter age cheating effectively.

These teachers serve as the first line of defense against such unethical practices, actively monitoring participants and verifying their eligibility.
Furthermore, teachers with a keen understanding of competition rules can instill a culture of compliance within their respective schools.

They can educate students about the importance of integrity in sports and the consequences of age cheating, fostering a sense of responsibility and ethical conduct among young athletes.

Moreover, the role of games teachers extends beyond mere enforcement; they also play a crucial role in fostering a positive and inclusive sports environment.

By promoting fairness and sportsmanship, they contribute to the overall integrity and reputation of USSSA-UPSSA competitions.

In essence, the appointment of games teachers should not be taken lightly. It should involve a careful selection process that prioritizes moral character and competence in competition rules. By doing so, schools can take a proactive stance in the fight against age cheating, preserving the integrity and spirit of youth sports.

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