UFL Appeals Committee ruling: St. Lawrence University found guilty of fielding ineligible players, faces fine of UGX 1.8M

By Emmanuel Sekago

In a recent decision by the University  Football League (UFL) Appeals Committee, St. Lawrence University has been found guilty of fielding ineligible players during league matches.

The committee’s investigation revealed that the university had violated league regulations by allowing players who did not meet eligibility criteria to participate in matches.

According to a circular seen by wallnetnews, Ref  AC/202324/03, dated Sunday, March 24th 2024, The UFL Appeals Committee received an appeal by St. Lawrence University against the League Disciplinary Committee Ruling DC-202324/06 that in summary stated:

St. Lawrence University is guilty of fielding ineligible players in their quarter final matches against Kampala University and so loses both legs by forfeiture i.e. 6-0 on aggregate.

St. Lawrence University to pay the cost of the petition i.e. UGX 300,000/-, St. Lawrence University Sports Tutor, Seguya Peter is fined UGX 500,000/- and St. Lawrence University is also fined UGX 1,000,000/-.

As a consequence of this violation, St. Lawrence University has been ordered to pay a total  fine of UGX 1.8 million. This penalty serves as a deterrent against future infractions and underscores the importance of adhering to the rules and regulations set forth by the UFL.

The UFL Appeals Committee emphasizes the integrity of the league and the fair play it seeks to uphold. All member institutions are expected to comply with the established guidelines to maintain the spirit of competition and sportsmanship within the league.

St. Lawrence University has been notified of the committee’s ruling and is expected to comply with the imposed fine within the specified timeframe. Failure to do so may result in further disciplinary action by the UFL.

This ruling reaffirms the UFL’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity and fairness in football, ensuring a level playing field for all participating teams and players.

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