Uganda Swimming Federation set to hold AGM

By Emmanuel Sekago

The Uganda Swimming Federation (USF) is poised to host its much-anticipated Annual General Assembly this Saturday, March 16th, 2024 at Uganda Olympic Committee Offices.

This pivotal event serves as a cornerstone of the swimming community in Uganda, providing a platform for stakeholders to convene, deliberate, and chart the course for the future of the sport.

According to the circular seen by wallnetnews,  Ref: USF/PRES/18-02-2023/02, dated Friday, 16th February 2024, signed by Max KANYEREZI the Secretary General, The Annual General Assembly is set to be an engaging and inclusive gathering, offering a forum for All  Uganda swimming federation Members to come together in unity and solidarity.

Attendees can anticipate a comprehensive agenda featuring key discussions, Reading of the Notice of the USF Annual General Assembly and Confirmation Of the Agenda, Consideration of Temporary Members for Admission as USF Full Members, Review of Minutes of the USF Annual General Assembly Held on Saturday, 18th March 2023 and Consideration of Matters Arising, Presentation of USF Annual Report for 2023 and the Revised 2024 USF Activities’ Calendar/Work Plan, Presentation of the 2023 USF Treasurer’s Report, 2023 Audited Accounts and 2024 Budget Estimates, Presentation of Amendments to the USF Constitution; and  Any Other Business for which Notice has been given.

During the assembly, there will be a reflection on the achievements and challenges of the past year, providing an opportunity to celebrate successes and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, delegates will engage in strategic planning sessions to set goals and priorities for the upcoming year, with a focus on enhancing grassroots participation, talent development, and infrastructure development.

Furthermore, the Annual General Assembly will serve as a platform for fostering collaboration and partnerships within the swimming community and beyond.

Representatives from government agencies, sports organizations, and corporate entities will be in attendance, offering valuable insights and support to further the objectives of the USF.

As the swimming fraternity eagerly awaits this significant event, there is a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation.

The Annual General Assembly represents a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to come together, united by their passion for the sport, and reaffirm their commitment to its growth and prosperity in Uganda.

In conclusion, the Uganda Swimming Federation’s Annual General Assembly stands as a testament to the organization’s dedication to excellence, inclusivity, and progress. By harnessing the collective energy and enthusiasm of its members, the USF is poised to make a lasting impact on the landscape of swimming in Uganda for years to come.

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