Uganda’s Boxing glory in winning Medals is returning, says UBF President Muhangi

By Emmanuel Sekago

In a recent wallnetnews interview with the Uganda Boxing Federation (UBF), President Moses Muhangi expressed optimism and confidence in the resurgence of Uganda’s boxing prowess on the international stage.

Uganda Boxing Federation President Moses Muhangi

Muhangi’s remarks come amidst a renewed sense of excitement and anticipation within the Ugandan boxing community following notable successes at Africa games.

Muhangi began by acknowledging the rich history of boxing in Uganda, which has produced legendary champions such as John “The Beast” Mugabi and Cornelius Boza-Edwards.

He emphasized that while Uganda has faced challenges in maintaining its boxing dominance in recent years, the tide is turning, and the country is once again emerging as a force to be reckoned with in the sport.

One of the key indicators of Uganda’s boxing revival, according to Muhangi, is the impressive performance of Ugandan boxers in international tournaments.

The Uganda Boxers with Africa Games medals won in Ghana

He highlighted the success of Ugandan boxers in various competitions, including the African Boxing Championships and the Commonwealth Games, where they have consistently brought home medals and garnered attention for their skill and tenacity.

Muhangi attributed Uganda’s boxing resurgence to several factors, including increased investment in grassroots development programs, enhanced training facilities, and strategic partnerships with international boxing organizations.

He also commended the dedication and hard work of Ugandan boxers and coaches, who have demonstrated a relentless commitment to excellence in their pursuit of success.

Looking ahead, Muhangi outlined the UBF’s ambitious plans to further elevate Uganda’s boxing profile on the global stage.

This includes intensifying efforts to identify and nurture young talent, providing comprehensive support and resources to elite athletes, and fostering collaboration with other national and international boxing bodies to promote the sport’s growth and development.

In conclusion, President Moses Muhangi’s remarks signal a promising era for Ugandan boxing, characterized by renewed determination, optimism, and a firm belief in the country’s ability to reclaim its status as a boxing powerhouse.

With continued support and investment, Uganda’s boxing glory is indeed on the path to resurgence, inspiring a new generation of athletes and fans alike.

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