Mr Moses Mwase the Chairman Uganda Netball Normalisation Committee whose tearm of Office expired

By Emmanuel Sekago

The expiration of the Uganda Netball Normalization Committee’s term under the leadership of Mr. Moses Mwase on April 30th, 2024, without any tangible progress, paints a grim picture for the future of netball in Uganda.

The situation is exacerbated by the revocation of the Uganda Netball Federation’s recognition certificate by the National Council of Sports, effectively rendering the sport dormant in the country.

Mr Moses Mwase the Chairman Uganda Netball Normalisation Committee whose tearm of Office expired

The absence of a functioning governing body and the lack of concerted efforts to revive netball cast a shadow of uncertainty over its future.

Without proper leadership and support from relevant authorities, the sport is left in limbo, unable to thrive or even sustain itself.

Netball, once a source of pride and joy for many Ugandans, now faces the harsh reality of being relegated to the sidelines.

The dreams and aspirations of aspiring netball players remain unfulfilled, as opportunities for growth and development dwindle in the absence of organized competitions and infrastructure.

The implications of netball’s demise extend beyond the realm of sports. It represents a loss of identity and heritage for Uganda, where netball has long been ingrained in the cultural fabric.

The sport served as a platform for unity, empowerment, and social cohesion, bringing communities together and inspiring future generations.

The current state of netball in Uganda demands urgent attention and action from all stakeholders involved. There is a pressing need for decisive leadership, institutional support, and a clear roadmap for revitalizing the sport.

Without such intervention, the legacy of netball in Uganda risks fading into oblivion, leaving behind a void that cannot easily be filled.

It is imperative that concerted efforts be made to resuscitate netball, not only for the sake of the sport itself but also for the well-being and aspirations of countless Ugandans who have found solace, purpose, and belonging on the netball court. The time to act is now, lest we mourn the loss of a cherished national pastime.

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