Capt. JB Bamuturaki, Former Mbarara District LC5 Chairamna

Amos Tayebwa


The Former Mbarara District LCV Chairman Capt. Johnbosco Bamuturaki Tumusiime (JB) has asked  the leaders elective positions to  create  a conducive environment for civil servants to perform their duties better without corruption influence. 

Bamuturaki made this call through his message towards the Labour Day Celebration that was held at St. Leo’s Kyegobe in Fortportal. Bamuturaki revealed that there are many cases reported about corruption related issues which are occasionally played between the political Leaders and Civil servants through connivence. 

He further appealed to the political Leaders to always give breathing space to the Technocrats to a working condition that does not involve corruption in their services. He said that the two parties must collaborate and work together as a team to fight corruption. 

 In his tenure as the LC5 Chairman Mbarara District, Bamuturaki was strict on his Civil Servants and he was straight on service delivery. During his time of office, some officials including the former CAO, District Lands Officer and Survey Officer were implicated and arrested by the State House Anti-corruption unit that was led by Col. Edith Nakarema. Bamuturaki was considered as an intolerant Leader as far as corruption is concerned.

According to Bamuturaki, Labours Day should be celebrated also as leaders and civil servants implement the zero-tolerance policy to corruption.  

 The Government of Uganda has been implementing Zero-Tolerance to Corruption through the Sector Wide approach. Zero-Tolerance to corruption is one of the cornerstones of good governance.   However there are still some weaknesses in the implementers of the policy.  

Bamturaki has also revealed that fighting corruption must also start with every citizen in their respective areas. He says that locals themselves should also be involved in fighting corruption in every angle so that the country’s economy can be revived. 

Bamuturaki led Mbarara District for only one term as the LC5 Chairman before he retired to contest for the MP seat for Kashari South. Apparently, he is on high gear seeking for votes for the same seat Kashari South Constituency in Mbarara District.  

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