National Council of Sports allocates UGX 29.9 Billion to National Sports Associations for FY 2022-2023

By Emmanuel Sekago

In a significant move to bolster the development of sports across the nation, the National Council of Sports disbursed a substantial financial support package totaling UGX 29,917,952,887 to various National Sports Associations for the fiscal year 2022-2023.

This allocation underscores the government’s commitment to promoting sports at both national and grassroots levels, aiming to foster talent, enhance competitiveness, and elevate the nation’s standing in the global sporting arena.

However, concerns have been raised regarding the transparency and accountability of some recipient associations.

According to documents seen by wallnetnews out of the 51 national sports association that received financial support only 12 sports association have audited books of account, held assemblies, have activity calendars but 39 sports associations. 

It has come to light that  lack audited books of accounts, fail to convene assemblies, and operate without structured activity calendars or national leagues.

These shortcomings raise pertinent questions about the effective utilization of the allocated funds and the overall governance within these associations.

Without proper financial oversight, transparent decision-making processes, and robust organizational structures, the intended objectives of the funding may be compromised, hindering the development of sports in Uganda.

In an exclusive report, WallNetNews presents a comprehensive breakdown of the financial allocations disbursed by the National Council of Sports to various sports associations for the fiscal year 2022-2023.

Despite concerns over governance and transparency within some associations, the following figures shed light on the distribution of funds:

Football Association: UGX 17,000,000,000, Athletics Federation: UGX 1,600,000,000, Boxing Federation: UGX 1,000,000,000, Basketball Federation: UGX 1,000,000,000, Netball federation UGX 1,000,000,000, Rugby Union: UGX 1,000,000,000, Association of Uganda University sports  UGX 500,000,000,

Uganda Paralympic Committee UGX 750,000,000, Federation of Uganda Motorsport UGX 500,000,000, Cricket Association: UGX 500,000,000, Uganda Woodball UGX 500,000,000, Uganda Volleyball UGX 73,178,912, Uganda badminton UGX 598,724,750, Uganda tennis UGX 137,104,488,

Swimming Federation: UGX 120,000,000, Uganda Skating UGX 310,000,000, Uganda Archery UGX 99,943,877, Uganda Scrabble UGX 72,635,877, VX Uganda UGX 54,635,877, Uganda Rollball UGX 85, 938,047, Uganda Chess UGX 139,080,000, Uganda Draught UGX 89,635,877,

Uganda Table Tennis UGX 134,000,000, Uganda Handball UGX 135,000,000, Uganda Cycling UGX 44,335,877, Uganda Pool UGX 48,850,000, Uganda Taekwondo UGX 79,820,000, Uganda Hockey UGX 61,935,877,

Uganda Ludo UGX 111,625,000, Uganda Ultimate Frisbee UGX 55,035,877, Uganda Lacrose UGX 194,635,877, Uganda Floorball UGX 50,000,000, Uganda Darts UGX 77,277,160, Uganda Baseball and Softball UGX 100,000,000, Uganda Zurkhaneh UGX 45,035,877, Uganda Squash UGX 55,000,000,

Gymnastic Association UGX 50,860,380, Uganda Dragon Boat UGX 89,635,732, Uganda Canoe Kayak UGX 81,083,931, Uganda Rowing UGX 67,235,877, Uganda Judo UGX 203,217,992, Uganda Fencing UGX 79,842,700, Uganda Weightlifting UGX 80,402,100, Uganda Kabbadi UGX 83,607,525,

Uganda Sport Climbing UGX 77,587,480, Uganda America Football UGX 164,450,000, Uganda Deaf UGX 62,500,000, Uganda Body Building UGX 86,040,000, Uganda Golf Union: UGX 254,009,000, Uganda Wrestling UGX 74,249,500 and Uganda DanceSport UGX 139,799,400

These allocations reflect the diverse sporting landscape in Uganda and the government’s commitment to supporting a wide array of disciplines.

However, concerns persist regarding the accountability and effectiveness of some associations in utilizing these funds to drive meaningful development and competitiveness within their respective sports.

Meanwhile, WallNetNews remains committed to providing transparent and objective coverage of sports funding and governance issues, ensuring that stakeholders and the public are kept informed and engaged in the pursuit of excellence and integrity in Ugandan sports. Stay tuned for further updates and analysis on this critical matter.

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