St Marys Player during wakiso district qualifiers Basketball

By Emmanuel Sekago

As the USSSA-Fresh Dairy games approach, the St. Mary’s Kitende Basketball Girls’ team sets its sights firmly on the podium. With a legacy of excellence and a tradition of success, the team is determined to showcase their skills and bring home glory for their school.

“Our goal for this year’s USSSA-Fresh Dairy games is clear: we aim to stand tall on the podium,” declares Saima Christine the team captain with determination in her voice.

“We have been training tirelessly, honing our skills and refining our strategy to ensure that we are at the peak of our performance when the games begin.”

St Marys Kitende Head Coach Boniface Okello during the wakiso Qualifiers final match

Under the guidance of their experienced  head coach Boniface Okello, Assistant Coach Jude Okudach and the unwavering support of their school community, the St. Mary’s Kitende Basketball Girls’ team is confident in their ability to compete at the highest level.

“We know that the competition will be tough, but we thrive on challenges,” explains the coach. “Our girls are disciplined, focused, and hungry for success. They have the talent and the drive to make our school proud.”

With each practice session, the team grows stronger, both individually and as a cohesive unit. “We believe in ourselves, and we believe in each other,” says one of the players.

“Together, we will overcome any obstacle and achieve our goal of standing on that podium.”

As the USSSA-Fresh Dairy games draw near, anticipation builds among the players and their supporters. The St. Mary’s Kitende Basketball Girls’ team knows that they carry the hopes and expectations of their school community on their shoulders, and they are determined to rise to the occasion.

“We are ready to give it our all,” proclaims the Saima Christine team captain. “We will leave everything on the court, leaving no doubt that St. Mary’s Kitende belongs on the podium. This is our time to shine, and we will seize it with both hands.”

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