Oluka nominated Bukedea District UPSSA chairperson candidate unopposed

By Emmanuel SekagoSteven Oluka has sailed through unopposed as the chairperson of Bukedea district Uganda primary schools sports association (UPSSA) presidential candidate.He was nominated at a function held at the Bukedea district sports officers offices  under the supervision of the Returning Officer Justine Akol.Speaking to wallnetnews, Akol described the nomination as transparent noting that other contenders felt that Steven Oluka is better positioned to lead the Uganda primary schools sports association chairperson race.Steven Oluka  had to fulfill a list of requirements before qualifying for the nominations.These included among others presenting seconders, a bank slip for the nomination fees and His appointment letter, Mr. Oluka nomination unopposed, a testament to the trust and confidence the community has placed in his leadership abilities.Mr. Steven Oluka, a dedicated and passionate individual, has been actively involved in promoting sports and education within Bukedea Community.His commitment to fostering the holistic development of  primary school students through sports has been commendable, and his leadership qualities have not gone unnoticed.”As we move forward with the election process, it is crucial to acknowledge the role Mr. Oluka has played in uplifting the standards of sports in our district. His vision for a more inclusive, vibrant, and dynamic sports environment aligns with the values of UPSSA, and we believe that under his guidance, we can further enhance the overall sports experience for our primary school students,” said Akol.”We encourage all members of the UPSSA Bukedea District to support Mr. Steven Oluka’s candidacy, as his unopposed nomination reflects the collective belief in his ability to lead and contribute positively to the growth of sports in our community,” he added.The election process will take place on Saturday, March 9th 2024, however resturnin officer Justine Akol  called upon  everyone to participate and witness the selection of the  new UPSSA Bukedea District 2024-2028 executive.Meanwhile, Wallnetnews congratulates, Mr. Steven Oluka as he takes on this crucial role, ensuring that  primary schools continue to thrive in sports and education.

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