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ARUA. The Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UNCCI) Arua City branch boss, Dr. Ronald Debo has written to Arua Resident City Commerce (RRC) distancing the chamber from the ongoing trade order enforcement in the Central Business Division of the city.

In the letter dated Tuesday April 16, 2024, Debo cited three reasons why Arua city Chamber should not be associated with the trader order which has resulted into forceful eviction of street vendors from the different streets of Arua city this week.

“The primary role and mandate of Chamber does not involve enforcement actions and activities; instead, our focus is on business educational initiatives and supporting the business community through knowledge-sharing, networking and advocacy. The Executive of UNCCI Arua city has not sat to discuss and pass such a resolution,” Debo stated in the leaked letter.

“UNCCI Arua city branch does not have a memorandum of understanding in place with Arua city council to partake in enforcement activities. Therefore, in light of these circumstances, we respectively request that our position on this matter be duly noted and respected. We value the collaboration and partnership we share with the local authorities in Arua city and we are committed to working together within the scope of our institutional objectives,” Debo further remarked.

Debo’s letter followed an earlier weeklong road drive in which the public was misinformed that the intended trade order enforcement was an activity to be undertaken by Arua city in collaboration with UNCCI Arua city branch.

When the news of the road drive came to the notice of Chamber, Debo had to quickly come out to clarify on the matter thus distancing the chamber from the trade order enforcement which took place early this week.

But according to David Kyasanku, the Arua city clerk, the enforcement came after a series of engagement meetings and sensitizations with a wide range of stakeholders right from the launch of the Markets Act, 2023 by the Minister of Local Government in November 2023.

In a letter dated April 15, 2024, Kyasanku said the enforcement is aimed at promoting trade order in the city.

Kyasanku, however, requested the affected street vendors to move to gazetted areas such as Arua central market, Gagaa Textile market, Social Centre market, Club market, Ediofe market, Awindiri market and shops for those who can afford.

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