City Lawyer Raphael Okiot crushed to death by sand mixer truck in Entebbe Highway accident

The victim of today’s Entebbe Highway accident has been identified as Raphael Okiot.

A city lawyer with Maldes Law Firm in Kampala, Okiot died after a cement mixer truck belonging to Seyani Brothers registration number UAN 836D lost control and rammed into the barriers in the middle of the road before falling onto his Mitsubishi RVR registration number UBQ 371P.

wreckage of Raphael’s mitsubishi car

The incident occured at Nkumba University traffic lights along the Entebbe – Kampala expressway.

The deceased, who was the husband of Kyenjojo Grade I Magistrate, Ms Faith Irene Kwagala, was travelling to Entebbe for a court session.

On LinkedIn, Okiot described himself as an Advocate, Tax Specialist and Data and Privacy Compliance Lawyer. 

He also was a law tutor at Uganda Christian University in Kampala.

Okiot also served as the co-founder at Technolegal Advisory Centre Uganda, Kampala.

The driver of the cement truck apparently exited the vehicle and sought medical attention at a nearby facility.

This is the second accident to occur along Entebbe road in a space of one week.

On Saturday, April 13, 2024, four people died, and two others sustained injuries as a result of a collision between two vehicles on Entebbe Road.

The victims who were all students of Buganda Royal Institute were en route to Katomi Beach for a party in Garuga when their vehicle collided with a lorry while allegedly attempting to overtake another vehicle.

Uganda recorded a 30% increase in road fatalities registered with the police in 2023, with 4,179 lives lost, according to the 2023 Annual Traffic and Safety Report.

At least 23,608 road crashes were recorded in 2023 compared to 20,394 cases registered in 2022.

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