By Thomas Odongo 

Crown Beverages Limited (CBL) on Thursday launched Aquafina Enriched Drinking Water. The exercise took place at the CBL Plant in Kakungulu, Sisa.

Aquafina Enriched Drinking Water

The press launch was hosted by the Chairman of Crown Beverages Limited, Amos Nzeyi and among those invited were various corporate partners.

Some one enjoying a bottle of fresh Aquafina Enriched Drinking Water

Nzeyi noted that Aquafina is a whole different product and is a notch higher than the existing brands in the market and consumers will like it.

“You know normally, there are many types of wine, but there are some wines that are better than others…even whiskies by the way are not the same,” Nzeyi said adding that Aquafina is definitely a good addition to the market.

Aquafina Enriched drinking water under manufacturing at one of their plants in kakunguru

“We (Crown Beverages) have been registering achievements…we have won so many prizes of quality, cleanliness as you see this place is in the standards of any watering company in the world, be in Europe, Asia, South Africa, America…we are probably the best in Sub Saharan Africa,”  Nzeyi added.

Paddy Muramiirah who is the CEO of Crown Beverages Limited said that Aquafina is an international brand and Uganda is just the third country in Africa to launch the product after Nigeria and Egypt.

staff and visitors inspecting the plant where Aquafina Enriched drinking water is being processed

“Aquafina brand is water but it’s not like any other water because it’s international. That gives it a unique appearance. The beauty of international brands is that the brand in one country must be the same in feel, in taste, like, in physical parameters,…in everything, in every part of the country, every part of the region and in every part of the world,” Muhamiirah said adding that you cannot compare Aquafina with other brands in the local market.

The world class quality brand is expertly processed ensuring only the essential elements and minerals remain, resulting in a clear, pure & perfect tasting water.

Aquafina was first launched in the USA in 1994. Over the last two decades it has expanded into Asia, UAE, and most recently Africa.

Aquafina is available in a 500ml pack at a recommended retail price of One Thousand Uganda Shillings (1000 UGX) only, countrywide.

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