Hajj Lwebawo Hussien advocates for National Sports Act 2023 to combat impersonation in sports

By Emmanuel Sekago

Hajji Lwebawo Hussien, the USSSA delegate to the Masaka Zone qualifiers ongoing in Kalangala district, has strongly advocated for the implementation of the National Sports Act 2023 as the most effective way to curb the issue of impersonators in Uganda secondary schools sports association sporting events.

Talking to wallnetnews, Hussien emphasized the urgent need for stricter regulations and enforcement mechanisms to address the growing problem of individuals using false identities to participate in Schools sports competitions.

He pointed out that incidents like the one involving Mubiira Dassan posing as Ssekyondwa Wilson highlight the vulnerability of the sporting system to exploitation and fraud.

According to Hussien, the National Sports Act 2023 provides comprehensive guidelines and provisions aimed at safeguarding the integrity of sports events and protecting the rights of genuine athletes.

By leveraging the legal framework established by the Act, authorities can take decisive actions to identify and penalize individuals found guilty of impersonation, thereby deterring others from engaging in similar deceitful practices.

Hussien emphasized that implementing the National Sports Act 2023 is not only crucial for maintaining fairness and transparency in sports but also for upholding the reputation and credibility of sporting organizations and competitions.

He urged stakeholders, including sports federations, schools, and law enforcement agencies, to collaborate closely in enforcing the provisions of the Act and rooting out impostors from the sports scene.

In conclusion, Hajji Lwebawo Hussien’s stance underscores the importance of legislative measures in combating impersonation in sports.

By harnessing the tools provided by the National Sports Act 2023, authorities can take decisive steps to ensure that only genuine athletes compete in sporting events, thereby upholding the principles of integrity, fairness, and equal opportunity in sports participation.

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