KCCA set to begin collection of tax revenue from city markets

By Evans Najuna
Kampala – Kampala city market traders and vendors will soon start paying tax revenue to operate in all gazetted market places.

This is in accordance with the presidential directive on the commencement of public market ordinance act that was passed by parliament and signed by the president last year.

According to the available information , the Kampala Capital City Authority Executive Director has already put in a place a taskforce committee chaired by the director for revenue collection Mr. Robert Nowere, that is already engaging different stakeholders to get review and guide on the implementation of the directives that were made by President Museveni, regarding the management of markets in Kampala apital city.

In order to ensure better implementation of the presidential directives, and in line with the senior management team (SMT) resolution that was made during the SMT meeting on 20th February 2024, the taskforce has been assigned to follow the terms of reference that will seek to lay out the issues that have been plaguing markets.

This committee will review and advise on how best utilities (water and electricity bills) should be paid by the vendors in the KCCA markets.
In addition to determine the appropriate number and advise on all the staffing aspects in the markets.

This committee will also review and advise on the mechanisms for KCCA to take full and un-encumbered ownership of public markets in the city

On the aspect of private individuals who constructed market facilities on government land within the boundaries of the public markets operated in Kampala city, this committee will seek from stakeholders their advise on the mechanism to ensure that KCCA takes over full responsibility for managing/administering public markets in Kampala city and that there are no third parties/parallel structures run by offices outside KCCA that are involved in managing public markets in Kampala city

Concerning the security requirements for the KCCA markets, the committee has been tasked to understand the appropriate security allocation of each market facilities in KCCA markets in line with the presidential directive. They will also review the advice from stakeholders on how to ensure that appropriate offload dues are levied and collected in all the KCCA markets where there is offload of supplies in the markets.

Their advise on what needs to be done to ensure that collection of market rent commences as soon as possible but also on any new measures to enhance further reduction in market revenue leakages.

On the issues of hygiene and health, the committee will find out from stakeholders on how to ensure adequate hygiene and sanitation in the markets especially with the management of toilet facilities in these KCCA markets.

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