Man kills wife for denying him sex, hands self to police

Police in the West Nile Region have in custody, a one Agunda James, for the murder of his wife over denial of conjugal rights.

Agunda 48, a peasant of Obaru cell, Ombokolo ward allegedly murdered his wife Chandiru Judith 23 by the assault on the night of March 1, 2024.

Police Spokesperson – Enanga Fred says that the couple had been sharing their marital beds but without sexual affairs after the victim accused her husband of having extra marital affairs.

“During the night of 1.03.2024, the suspect picked a quarrel with a wife, and she left the bed for him and slept down on another mattress. The angered husband followed and grabbed her, then hit her around the ribs. The victim fell on the floor and succumbed to the injuries. The suspect went and handed himself over to the police. The scene was documented and the body of the victim examined and handed over to the relatives for burial.”

Police say they continue to register gruesome murders in domestic settings, of spouses, especially wives by their husbands, over denial of conjugal rights and other extra-marital concerns.

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