Ogwang makes triumphant return as state sports minister in President Museveni’s reshuffle

By Emmanuel Sekago

In a recent reshuffle by President Museveni, the return of Mr. Peter Ogwang to the position of State Sports Minister has sparked waves of enthusiasm and optimism within Uganda’s sporting community.


Mr. Ogwang’s reinstatement marks a significant moment in the nation’s sporting landscape, heralding the return of a seasoned leader known for his dedication and passion for sports development.

Mr. Ogwang’s previous tenure as State Sports Minister was characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Under his leadership, significant strides were made in enhancing the infrastructure, accessibility, and inclusivity of sports across the country.

His strategic vision and unwavering commitment to nurturing talent at all levels earned him widespread acclaim and respect within Uganda and beyond.

The decision to reinstate Mr. Peter Ogwang comes at a pivotal juncture for Uganda’s sports sector, as the nation seeks to harness the transformative power of sports to drive social cohesion, economic development, and national pride.

With his wealth of experience and proven track record of success, Mr. Ogwang is poised to lead the charge in advancing President Museveni’s vision of a vibrant and dynamic sports industry that empowers athletes, inspires communities, and showcases Uganda’s rich sporting heritage on the global stage.

As Mr. Ogwang prepares to assume his duties once again as State Sports Minister, there is a palpable sense of anticipation and excitement among stakeholders across the sporting spectrum.

From grassroots initiatives to elite competitions, Mr. Ogwang’s leadership promises to usher in a new era of innovation, professionalism, and excellence in Ugandan sports.

In reinstating Mr. Peter Ogwang, the Ngariam County member of parliament, President Museveni has not only reaffirmed his commitment to promoting sports as a catalyst for national development but has also demonstrated his confidence in Mr. Ogwang’s ability to steer Uganda’s sports sector to greater heights.

As the nation rallies behind Mr. Ogwang and his vision for the future of Ugandan sports, there is no doubt that his return will be met with widespread acclaim and optimism.

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