Over Blown Uganda Rugby Union projected FY 2024 budget leaks ahead of the Assembly

By Emmauel Sekago

The Uganda Rugby Union finds itself embroiled in controversy as details of an overblown projected budget for the fiscal year 2024 have been leaked ahead of the assembly on April. 28th 2024 at Kati-Kati.

Uganda rugby Union leaked 2024 drafted Budget, Projected Income and Expenses
Uganda rugby Union leaked 2024 drafted Budget, Projected Income and Expenses

According to the leaked information seen by wallnetnews, the projected income for the Uganda Rugby Union stands at an ambitious UGX 7.8 billion, while expenses are estimated to soar to a staggering UGX 12 billion, resulting in a substantial deficit of UGX 4 billion.

The revelation of such a significant disparity between projected income and expenses raises serious concerns about the financial management and sustainability of the Uganda Rugby Union.

It suggests a fundamental imbalance in budgetary planning and execution, with expenses far outpacing anticipated revenue streams.

One of the immediate implications of this leaked budget is the potential impact on the Union’s operations and programs. A deficit of UGX 4 billion threatens to strain resources, jeopardize essential initiatives, and undermine the Union’s ability to fulfill its mandate of promoting and developing rugby in Uganda.

Moreover, the leak of this overblown budget ahead of the assembly raises questions about transparency and accountability within the Uganda Rugby Union.

It highlights the need for greater scrutiny and oversight of financial decision-making processes to ensure that resources are allocated judiciously and in the best interests of the sport and its stakeholders.

The leaked budget also has broader implications for the reputation and credibility of the Uganda Rugby Union.

It risks eroding public trust and confidence in the organization’s ability to manage finances responsibly and effectively.

Furthermore, it may deter potential sponsors, donors, and partners from investing in rugby in Uganda, hindering the Union’s long-term growth and development.

As the Uganda Rugby Union prepares to convene its assembly, it faces mounting pressure to address the concerns raised by the leaked budget and take decisive action to restore confidence and rectify any financial imbalances.

This includes conducting a thorough review of budgetary processes, implementing measures to improve financial transparency and accountability, and reassessing spending priorities to align with available resources.

Ultimately, the leak of the overblown projected budget for the Uganda Rugby Union underscores the need for prudent financial management and responsible governance.

It serves as a reminder of the importance of sound fiscal practices in safeguarding the future of rugby in Uganda and ensuring its continued success and viability.

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