USSSA-Bugisu Zone retreat empowers female games teachers through sports

By Emmanuel Sekago

In a remarkable event that marked a significant stride toward gender inclusivity and empowerment, the Uganda Secondary Schools Sports Association (USSSA)  Bugisu Zone hosted a successful retreat at Mbale sports club on Friday, March 8th 2024.

The central theme of the retreat, “Empowering Female Games Teachers through Sports,” reflected a commitment to fostering gender equality and recognizing the pivotal role played by women in the development of sports education, organised by USSSA-Bugisu zone Secretary women affairs Faridah Kayegi and was graced by USSSA, 3rd Vice President Harriet Apolot.

A total of 24 participants turned up from 15 Schools,  5 Primary Schools and 10 Secondary Schools were present for the Retreat with Mbale City presenting 16 participants from Hamdan Girls High School, Oxford High School, Mbale High School, St. Paul’s College, Bugema Comprehensive, Maluku Primary School, Fairway Primary School, Mbale Police Wanyera Primary School, St. Joseph Musoto Primary School and Busamaga Primary School, Bududa District with  2 participants from Bubiita Seed and Bukalasi Secondary School, Mbale District with  4 participants from Nabumali High School and Nyondo Secondary School and Sironko District  with 2 participants from Buteza Seed.

In attendance was Budadiri Member of Parliament Hon Isaiah Ssasaga.

In a heartening display of recognition and appreciation, Faridah Kayegi, Secretary women affairs, USSSA-Bugisu zone  extended her applause to female games teachers from Mbale for their remarkable attendance and commitment.

This acknowledgment highlights the dedication and invaluable contributions of these educators to the development of sports within the region.

Faridah Kayegi expressed her heartfelt appreciation during the retreat, emphasizing the crucial role played by female games teachers in shaping the sports landscape in Mbale.

Their outstanding attendance at various events and workshops has not only demonstrated their passion for sports education but has also contributed significantly to the overall advancement of the sector.

The Event Highlights-Engaging Workshops and Seminars; The retreat featured a series of engaging workshops and seminars designed to equip female games teachers with valuable insights, knowledge, and practical skills.

Topics ranged from effective coaching techniques to sports administration and leadership.

Inspiring Guest Speakers; Renowned experts and accomplished individuals from the sports and education sectors were invited as guest speakers.

Their inspirational talks aimed to motivate and empower female games teachers to take on leadership roles and contribute significantly to the advancement of sports education.

Practical Training Sessions; To enhance the participants’ coaching abilities, practical training sessions were conducted, focusing on various sports disciplines.

This hands-on approach allowed female games teachers to refine their skills and gain confidence in imparting quality sports education to their students.

Networking Opportunities; The retreat provided a conducive environment for networking and collaboration among female games teachers.

The exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices facilitated a sense of community and camaraderie, fostering a supportive network for women in sports education.

Commitment to Ongoing Support; The USSSA-Bugisu Zone expressed its commitment to providing ongoing support and mentorship to female games teachers.

This pledge includes continued access to resources, professional development opportunities, and a platform for collaboration to ensure sustained empowerment.

Increased Confidence and Leadership Skills; Female games teachers left the retreat with heightened confidence and improved leadership skills, ready to take on more prominent roles in shaping the sports education landscape within their schools and communities.

Strengthened Community; The retreat successfully strengthened the sense of community among female games teachers. The networking opportunities provided a platform for ongoing collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mutual support, contributing to a more cohesive and empowered community of women in sports education.
Positive Impact on Students; Ultimately, the empowerment of female games teachers is anticipated to have a positive impact on students.

By fostering gender equality and providing strong female role models, the retreat aims to inspire the next generation of athletes, coaches, and sports enthusiasts.

In Conclusion, The USSSA-Bugisu Zone’s successful retreat with the theme “Empowering Female Games Teachers through Sports” stands as a testament to the commitment to gender inclusivity and the recognition of the invaluable contribution of women in sports education.

The positive outcomes from this event are expected to reverberate through schools and communities, creating a lasting impact on the landscape of sports education in the Bugisu Zone.

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