“Exclusive: Ugandan Athletes to Africa Games in Ghana yet to receive $500 allowances, one month on”

By Emmanuel Sekago

In a concerning development, Ugandan athletes who proudly represented Uganda  at the Africa Games in Ghana have yet to receive their entitled $500 allowances.

Despite their remarkable performances and dedication on the field, these athletes find themselves in a distressing situation, waiting for the financial support promised to them.

It has been a month since the conclusion of the games, and the delay in disbursing the allowances has left many athletes grappling with financial strain.

For these individuals, who pour their heart and soul into representing their country at international events, this delay not only undermines their efforts but also raises questions about the support system for athletes in Uganda.

It should be noted that the 13th  edition of African Games hosted in Ghana was held from 8th to 23 March 2024 were  Uganda collected Twenty (20) medals including four (gold), Six (Silver) and ten (bronze) finishing 13th overall, having fielded a total of 156 athletes.

In an exclusive interview with WallNetNews.com, several Ugandan athletes, whose identities are being withheld, confirmed that they have not yet received the $500 allowance promised to them for their participation in the Africa Games held in Ghana.

Speaking on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter, these athletes expressed their frustration and disappointment over the delay in disbursing the allowances.

Despite their remarkable performances and unwavering dedication to representing Uganda on the international stage, they find themselves in a precarious financial situation due to the non-payment of their entitlements.

According to the athletes, it has been a month since the conclusion of the games, yet they are still awaiting the financial support.

The $500 allowance is crucial for these athletes, many of whom come from modest backgrounds and rely on such support to pursue their sporting dreams.

The delay in receiving the allowances not only affects the athletes’ immediate financial well-being but also raises concerns about the support system for sports in Uganda.

Without timely and adequate support, athletes may face difficulties in participating in future competitions, ultimately jeopardizing Uganda’s representation on the global sporting stage.

While the athletes remain hopeful that the issue will be resolved soon, they urge the relevant authorities to expedite the process and ensure that they receive their allowances without further delay.

Their plea highlights the importance of transparent and efficient systems to support athletes and uphold their dignity and rights as representatives of their nation on the international sports arena.

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