Exclusive Interview with Uganda Primary Schools Sports Association President, Mr. William Bwambale with Wallnetnews Reporter Emmanuel Sekago

Emmanuel Sekago (ES): Friday, April 12th 2024, we have the honor of sitting down with Mr. William Bwambale, the newly elected President of the Uganda Primary Schools Sports Association (UPSSA) to tell as about his plans for special needs learners (SNE) in sports and  to shed light on the upcoming Primary Schools National Kids Athletics and SNE (Para-Athletics) Championship scheduled for May 12th to 22nd in Kitgum.Congratulations on your recent victory, Mr. Bwambale.
Mr. Bwambale: Thank you, Emmanuel. It’s a pleasure to be here.
Emmanuel Sekago (ES): Could you share with us your vision and plans for UPSSA now that you’ve assumed the presidency?

Mr. Bwambale: Certainly. My main goal as President of UPSSA is to promote and develop sports at the grassroots level in primary schools across Uganda. I believe that sports play a vital role in the holistic development of children, fostering discipline, teamwork, and a healthy lifestyle from a young age.

Emmanuel Sekago (ES): That’s commendable. How do you plan to achieve this ambitious goal?

Mr. Bwambale: One of my key strategies is to enhance the infrastructure and resources available for sports in primary schools. This includes investing in sports facilities, equipment, and training for teachers and coaches. Additionally, I aim to expand the range of sports offered in primary schools to cater to a diverse set of interests and talents among students.

Emmanuel Sekago (ES): That sounds like a comprehensive approach. Are there any specific sports or initiatives you plan to prioritize?

Mr. Bwambale: Yes, indeed. While traditional sports like football and athletics will remain prominent, I also want to introduce lesser-known sports such as rugby, swimming, and martial arts to primary school students. Furthermore, I intend to establish talent identification programs and competitions to identify and nurture gifted young athletes across the country.

Emmanuel Sekago (ES): Fascinating. Where do you envision sports in primary schools in the near future under your leadership?

Mr. Bwambale: My vision is to see sports fully integrated into the academic curriculum of primary schools, with equal emphasis placed on both physical education and classroom learning. I envision vibrant sports cultures in schools, where every student has the opportunity to participate and excel in sports, regardless of their background or abilities.

Emmanuel Sekago (ES): Mr. Bwambale, could you please share with us your vision for including special needs learners in sports activities under your leadership?

Mr. Bwambale: Absolutely. One of my top priorities as President of UPSSA is to ensure that sports opportunities are accessible and inclusive for all students, including those with special needs. I firmly believe that every child, regardless of their abilities, should have the chance to participate in sports and experience the many benefits it offers.

Emmanuel Sekago (ES): That’s commendable. How do you plan to make sports more inclusive for special needs learners?

Mr. Bwambale: To achieve greater inclusion, we need to first raise awareness and understanding about the importance of sports for special needs learners. Additionally, we must invest in training for coaches and teachers on how to adapt sports activities to meet the diverse needs of SNE students. This may include modifying equipment, providing additional support, and creating tailored programs to accommodate different abilities.

Emmanuel Sekago (ES): It sounds like comprehensive support is crucial. Are there any specific initiatives or programs you plan to implement for SNE students?

Mr. Bwambale: Yes, indeed. I intend to establish specialized sports programs and competitions specifically designed for special needs learners. These events will provide a platform for SNE students to showcase their talents, build confidence, and foster a sense of belonging within the sports community. Furthermore, I aim to collaborate with organizations and stakeholders to provide ongoing support and resources for SNE sports development.

Emmanuel Sekago (ES): That’s inspiring to hear. Where do you envision the participation of special needs learners in sports in the near future?

Mr. Bwambale: My vision is to see a significant increase in the participation and inclusion of special needs learners in sports activities across primary schools in Uganda. I believe that by creating a supportive and inclusive environment, we can unlock the potential of every child and empower them to thrive both on and off the field.

Emmanuel Sekago (ES): Mr. Bwambale, Primary Schools National Kids Athletics and SNE (Para-Athletics) Championship scheduled for May 12th to 22nd in Kitgum this championship marks an exciting opportunity for primary school athletes and special needs learners alike. Could you tell us more about what we can expect from this event?

Mr. Bwambale: Certainly. The Primary Schools National Kids Athletics and SNE (Para-Athletics) Championship aims to celebrate the talents and achievements of young athletes from across Uganda. During the event, we can expect to see thrilling competitions in various track and field events, showcasing the speed, agility, and determination of primary school students.

Emmanuel Sekago (ES): That sounds exhilarating. How will the inclusion of SNE (Para-Athletics) athletes enhance the championship?

Mr. Bwambale: The participation of SNE (Para-Athletics) athletes adds an extra dimension of inclusivity and diversity to the championship. We will witness inspiring performances from para-athletes who demonstrate exceptional skill and resilience, breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes along the way. This championship is a platform for all students, regardless of their abilities, to shine and be celebrated.

Emmanuel Sekago (ES): It’s wonderful to hear about the emphasis on inclusivity. What other highlights can spectators expect from the championship?

Mr. Bwambale: In addition to the thrilling athletic competitions, spectators can look forward to a vibrant and festive atmosphere filled with energy and excitement. There will be cultural performances, entertainment, and opportunities for community engagement, making it a truly memorable experience for everyone involved.

Emmanuel Sekago (ES): That sounds like an event not to be missed. Finally, Mr. Bwambale, what message would you like to share with the participants and spectators of the championship?

Mr. Bwambale: My message to all participants and spectators is one of encouragement and unity. Whether you are a primary school athlete, a para-athlete, or a supporter in the stands, I urge you to embrace the spirit of sportsmanship, respect, and camaraderie. Let us come together to celebrate the diversity of talent and the power of sports to unite us as a nation.

Emmanuel Sekago (ES): Thank you for your inspiring words, Mr. Bwambale. We wish you and all the participants the best of luck in the upcoming championship.

Mr. Bwambale: Thank you, Emmanuel. I invite everyone to join us in Kitgum for what promises to be a memorable and inspiring event for all.

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