How NCS spent billions in commonwealth and islamic solidarity games

By Emmanuel Sekago

Uganda will never stop to amuse me when it comes to the national council of sports submitting accounts of government money spent on international competitions.

National council of sports (NCS) the body that keeps on telling sports federations and associations to account for monies spent is the same that has several times failed to account government monies and more so they can’t get ashamed to submit accountabilities with full of question marks in it.

You recall very well that wallnetnews website story of cash bonanza on the commonwealth games held in Birmingham and the 5th Islamic solidarity games held in Konya, Turkey last year.

Today we expose for you the ditty in the accountability that was submitted, according to the documents dailypaperug, has seen showing total expenses incurred on the commonwealth games in Birmingham and 5th Islamic solidarity games in Konya, Turkey the actual amount spent on the commonwealth games Shs 4,833,041,562 not 4,865,000,000 as stated in the report also actual amount spent on Islamic solidarity games Shs 1,231,603,310 not 1,177,447,310 as stated in report.

What shocking mostly is that all Ugandans during the flag off ceremony of Uganda team to Birmingham it was live on all televisions at Kololo grounds but National council of sports shows they spent Shs 67,200,000 on flag off ceremony, reception, transport, coordination and press, not only that they continue say that at Birmingham they spent Shs 17,055,000 on media yet well all know Uganda had only two media attachee and all catered for by government of Uganda so the said amount of money did what is everyone’s question.

Looking at the Inland transport  expenses in Birmingham they show that they spent Shs 35,000,000 yet all athletes were in commonwealth games villages and it was catered for by the hosting nation, Hospitality of National council of sports General secretary and Honorable minister of state for sports spent Shs 20,466,000 yet they already had their per diems, all the members of parliament Ugandans saw in Birmingham they national council of sports spent on them Shs 301,305,000, Officials from national council of sports , Shs 261,699,500, officials from ministry of Education and sports Shs 136,250,500, officials from ministry of finance planning and economic development shs 49,270,000 and officials from ministry of foreign affairs SHS 31,078,000. Almost Shs 2bn on allowances yet Uganda had only 72 athletes each earning Shs 7.5m; unbelievable General Secretary spent Shs 8,000,000 Airtime for communication expenses.

In the same report national council of sports claims spent Shs 34,089,032 on Open day’s commonwealth games March 27th to 31st 2022 also spent Shs 67,200,000 on medical services including vaccination and Anti-Doping yet according to our highly placed sources it was free of charge during games.

Meanwhile, At the 5th Islamic Solidarity games in Konya, Turkey August 9th to 18th 2022 they show that they spent Shs 503,274,200 on Air tickets for athletes and technical officials. According to our source they were also paid by organizers. Besides they added like $300, in every ticket. So he claims he has purchased 100 tickets that are $30000 or more for him, implying that even the deceased who never traveled his ticket was also paid.

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