School Directors of St. Mary’s Kitende and Buddo Secondary School Convene Meeting

By Emmanuel Sekago

In a significant development for the sports landscape, the directors of two prominent educational institutions, St. Mary’s Kitende, Dr Lawrance Mulindwa and Buddo Secondary School, Mr Lawrence Muwonge convened today, April 7th 2024 at USSSA headquarters at GNS Plaza under the chairmanship of Okanya Patrick.

This gathering marked a pivotal moment in the collaborative efforts to further elevate the standards of sports excellence within their respective institutions and at large.

Under the leadership of Okanya Patrick, esteemed chairperson of the meeting, directors from both St. Mary’s- Kitende and Buddo Secondary School came together to deliberate on various aspects pertaining to sports development, strategy, and collaboration.

The meeting served as a platform for exchanging ideas, sharing best practices, and exploring opportunities to strengthen the sports programs of both schools.
With St. Mary’s Kitende and Buddo Secondary School widely recognized as powerhouses in school sports, the convergence of their directors underscored a shared commitment to nurturing talent, fostering competitiveness, and promoting sportsmanship among their students.

Through collaborative initiatives and mutual support, the schools aim to further solidify their positions as leaders in the realm of school sports.

Discussions during the meeting encompassed a wide range of topics, including the expansion of sports programs, and matters on transfer of students. Additionally, there was emphasis placed on fostering a culture of sports excellence that prioritizes the holistic development of student-athletes.

As the meeting concluded, participants expressed optimism about the prospects of future collaboration and the positive impact it would have on the sports landscape. The directors reaffirmed their commitment to working together towards common goals, leveraging their collective expertise and resources to propel their schools to even greater heights of sporting success.

The convergence of the school directors of St. Mary’s Kitende and Buddo Secondary School, under the leadership of Okanya Patrick, signifies a significant step forward in the advancement of school sports. Through unity, collaboration, and shared vision, these institutions are poised to continue shaping the future of sports education and inspiring generations of young athletes to excel both on and off the field.

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