Social media left in curiosity as Hon. Francis Zaake wishes long time nemesis Hon. Kinyamatama happy Women’s day

Twitter erupted in a frenzy after Hon. Francis Zaake extended his wishes to Hon. Juliet Kyinyamatama Suubi on International Women’s Day. The tweet, which garnered a staggering 300k views within a mere 10 hours, stirred both curiosity and controversy among netizens.

In his tweet, Zaake expressed, “A happy Women’s Day Hon. Kinyamatama,” prompting a spectrum of reactions across social media platforms.

This adds nother layer to their tumultuous history. Just last year, Kinyamatama accused Zaake of labeling her as a sex worker during his visit to Rakai district, deeming his remarks as derogatory and unacceptable. The incident sparked heated debates both within and outside of Parliament, with Kinyamatama adamantly advocating for Zaake’s expulsion from the 11th Parliament.

During a recent committee session, Kinyamatama reiterated her stance, calling for Zaake’s suspension from Parliament premises and the rest of the session. She emphasized that Zaake’s alleged derogatory remarks had subjected her to public ridicule and humiliation, demanding that he undergo a mental examination to assess his behavior.

The tensions between the two politicians reached a boiling point when a recorded video surfaced, capturing Zaake’s contentious comments about Kinyamatama. The video, played before Parliament, triggered uproar among legislators, with some female representatives restrained from confronting Zaake directly.

Zaake, in response to Kinyamatama’s plea for his ejection from Parliament, remained unfazed, expressing his lack of surprise at her demands via his social media channels.

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