UBF to reveal the seven boxers to represent Uganda at Africa games 2023

By Emmanuel Sekago

In a highly anticipated and momentous announcement, the Uganda Boxing Federation is set to reveal the roster of seven formidable boxers to represent the nation at the Africa Games 2023.

Boxers facing off in one of UBF sanctioned fights at Lugogo

This unveiling will mark a significant milestone in the journey of these skilled pugilists, who proudly will carry the Ugandan flag on the continental stage in Accra, Ghana.

The announcement ceremony, scheduled to be a grand affair attended by boxing officials, coaches, and sports enthusiasts, chaired by Uganda boxing federation president Moses Muhangi will shed light on the carefully selected team that blends experience with youthful vigor across various weight categories.

The reveal will not only showcase the individual talents of the boxers but also underscore the commitment of the Uganda Boxing Federation to fostering excellence and growth within the sport.

Boxing referee judge Peter Mugagga will officiate in Ghana

In a zoom meeting organised today, Saturday, March 2nd 2024 chaired by the National council of sports general secretary with sports federation heads, Topic: PREPARATORY MEETING – AFRICAN GAMES ACCRA 2023, it was confirmed that Boxing will be represented by seven boxers.

Out of these boxers, Five (5) are men and Two (2) women plus two (2) officials.

Wallnetnews can confirm that the Uganda boxing federation, led by dedicated officials and coaching staff, has worked tirelessly to ensure that the chosen boxers are primed and ready to face the challenges that come with competing at the Africa Games.

The selection process has been meticulous, taking into account factors such as skill, strategy, and mental fortitude, all essential elements for success on the international stage.

As the names of the seven boxers echo through the halls of the Uganda Boxing Federation, boxing enthusiasts and the nation at large eagerly await the opportunity to get behind their chosen representatives.

The ceremony is expected to be a celebration of talent, dedication, and the collective spirit that unites the nation through the noble sport of boxing.

The unveiling is not just about announcing a team; it symbolizes the aspirations and dreams of the Ugandan boxing community.

The chosen seven carry with them the hopes of a nation, and their journey to the Africa Games is poised to inspire and ignite a sense of pride among Ugandans who cherish the sweet science.

With the spotlight firmly on the Uganda Boxing Federation, the revelation of the chosen seven boxers will undoubtedly be a defining moment, setting the stage for a thrilling chapter in the history of Ugandan boxing.

As the countdown to the Africa Games begins, the nation stands united, eagerly anticipating the exploits of these seven warriors who are poised to make their mark on the continental boxing landscape.

Meanwhile, UPDF officer Moses Mugaga was selected to officiate at the prestigious Africa Games, marking a significant milestone for both Ugandan sports and the military, his appointment underscores the depth of talent and expertise within Uganda’s armed forces, highlighting the invaluable contributions of military personnel to the nation’s sporting endeavors.

The 13th Africa games will be played in Accra, Borteyman, University of Ghana and Cape Coast, starting from Friday, March 8th to Saturday, March 23rd 2024.

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